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BEYOND WALLS is a program to increase children’s understanding of social responsibility and cultural diversity through creative expression. Created by MetaFour Productions, an educational nonprofit 501 (c)(3), BEYOND WALLS was funded by a generous grant from the Foundation for Global Community and private donations. In addition to the free virtual environment and materials, MetaFour’s award-winning creative team and volunteer Board of Directors provide in-person art and technology workshops to students and teachers on bringing both traditional and digital art projects to the Beyond Walls online community.

The curriculum, free for use in any educational setting, is designed to deepen the commitment to the values of compassion, personal responsibility, dignity, and respect for others, underscoring how these principles connect us all globally. Students in grades 4 through 9, a pivotal age in self-exploration and formation of identity, will be exposed to multimedia presentations designed to promote creative expression to nurture appreciation among members of diverse communities, and elicit an appreciation of commonalities and differences in a global community.

Learn about MetaFour’s activities and outreach for BEYOND WALLS and other projects by following their blog.


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