Conflict Resolution

Resolving a conflict begins with a clear understanding of the needs of both sides.  It often requires empathy, creativity, an d compromise. How would you begin to resolve a conflict? What is the relationship between common ground and conflict?  Between finding common ground and resolution? What is the difference between conflict and competition?

After experiencing the work below, you are invited to comment on each piece, then express yourself through art, film, writing, or music and composition. You can base your work on the pieces below, create a mashup, or submit an original piece.

Conflict Resolution - Film

Conflict Resolution - Photos

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Conflict Resolution - Poster

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Conflict Resolution - Song

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Conflict Resolution - Writing



“War does not determine who is right - only who is left.”
-- Bertrand Russell
“War does not determine who is right - only who is left.”
     -- Bertrand Russell


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ic_community_moCommunity This theme celebrates the unique qualities of different communities and recognizes the power of people working together for positive change.
ic_powerofonePower of One This theme explores the power of an individual to make positive change in the world.
ic_communityOur Earth We all have a responsibility to take care of this earth, our one and only home.
ic_communitySimilarities and Differences This theme is about appreciating our differences while understanding that we share many important values.
ic_communityConflict Resolutions This theme is about an approach to conflict in a way that each party considers the others' needs and works to meet them.
ic_communityMy Story Everyone has a story to tell. Telling one’s own story leads to greater self understanding and hearing the stories of others is an important component in developing tolerance and understanding.
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